Chocolate Melters

CCSM Store, a dominant raw materials store offers various kinds of chocolate materials. Furthermore, from here you can also get the equipment that are required during chocolate making procedure such as Chocolate melter. Our chocolate melters’ range consist Single Pan, Double Pan, Single Melter and Double Melter Chocolate melters at different prices to lessen your hard work and time consumption. So, order your desired chocolate melter online and enjoy chocolate making & make more money by it than ever before.

Chocolate Melter 10 ltr (single pan)

Rs16,500 Ex Tax: Rs16,500

Chocolate Melter 10ltr (Double Pan)

Rs17,500 Ex Tax: Rs17,500

Chocolate Melter 20ltr (Double Melter)

Rs20,500 Ex Tax: Rs20,500

Chocolate Melter 20ltr (Single Pan)

Rs19,500 Ex Tax: Rs19,500

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